Plumbing Services & Repairs

Plumbing Services Installed

Blocked Sewers and Stormwater Drains

Blocked sewers need fast attention. Call Stuart Plumbing for fast and effective plumbing services using a High Pressure Water Jet for those stubborn blockages and for all stormwater blockages. Electric eel is also available for those easier blockages.

Stormwater Renewals/Problems

Renewal of damaged and ineffective stormwater lines. Installation of pits and other remedies for those damp and poorly drained areas.

Rainwater Tanks

Our plumbers supply and install rainwater tanks of all sizes, colours, shapes and materials.

Gutters and Downpipes

Supply and installation of all types of guttering and downpipes. Our plumbers remove and dispose of existing guttering.

Sewer Renewal Services

These are the toughest of plumbing jobs. Stuart Plumbing can completely renew you existing sewer to PVC piping. We can also locate and repair those effected areas.

Leaky Taps and Toilets

Your tapware gets royal plumbing services: re-seat, o-rings, jumper valves, and full lubrication for ease of operation. Toilet plumbing services receive: replacement of all seating rubbers, and valves with today’s valve system.

Hot Water Services

Fast, efficient replacement of hot water services. Repositioning hot water services, leaking valves, gas or electric installs; Dux, Rheem, Renaii, Bosche.

Gas Installations

New or existing installs on LPG or Natural gas. Additional heating points, cooktops, stoves, BBQ etc.

Our Plumbers Water Saving Tips

Plumbing Repairs

Saving Water– Australia is the world’s second most driest continent, yet remains one of the world’s biggest domestic water consumers. With mass water restrictions in place we all need to think about saving water.

Water Tanks– Installing a water tank is a great place to start. They do not need to stand out as an eyesore, they can be ordered in a range of colours, shapes and sizes to suit every application. With the state government offering cash for water tank installation, not having one is like pouring money down the drain. Stuart Plumbing can install one today.

Taps– Regular maintenance of all tapware is necessary. Dripping taps can waste up to 200 litres of water a day. Not only effecting the environment but also hurting your pocket. Stuart Plumbing can completely service your tapware and in wall fittings increasing the life of your tapware. We can also supply and install new tapware where necessary.

Toilets– A leaking toilet wastes up to 16,000 litres of water a year. Not only is this a nuisance but this issue only gets worse the longer you leave it. In most instances toilet plumbing can be repaired quite cheaply, so call Stuart Plumbing today.

Showers– By installing a water saving shower head you can reduce your household water consumption by up to 50%. Stuart Plumbing can organise the supply and installation of these plumbing products.